Nombre de las Cartas.

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Las cartas de poker reciben múltiples y curiosas denominaciones. En la presente lista incluimos los nombres más populares:
• AA: Pocket Rockets, Bullets, Bulls, Two Pips o American Airlines.
• KK: Pocket Cowboys, King Kong, Men, Penn and Teller, Elvis Presley o Ace Magnets.
• QQ: Ladies, Whores, Siegfried and Roy, Girls with curls, Dykes, Pocket Bitches, Angels, Broads, Swinging Udders, Mop Squeezers, Snowshoes, Four Tits, Wal-Mart Shoppers o The Hilton Sisters.
• JJ: Fishhooks, Hooks, Kid Dynamite, Johnnies o Jokers.
• TT: Dimes, Rin Tin Tin o Boxcars.
• 99: German Virgin, Wayne Gretzky o Barbara Feldon (la superagente 99 de la célebre serie americana El Superagente 86).
• 88: Snowmen, Octopuses, Doggie Balls, Piano Keys o Frog Eyes.
• 77: Sunset Strip, Walking Sticks o Hockey Sticks.
• 66: Route 66, Pocket Buddies o Clickety Click.
• 55: Speed Limit, Nickels o Presto.
• 44: Magnum, Mid-life Crisis, Sailboats o Eastwoods.
• 33: Crabs o Larry Bird.
• 22: Ducks.
• AK: Big Slick, Santa Barbara. Machine Gun o Anna Kournikova (Looks pretty but never wins).
• AQ: Big Chick, Little Slick, Ms. Slick, Catch of the Day o Walking Back to Houston.
• AJ: Ajax, Blackjack, Apple Jacks, Jack Ass o A.J. Foyt.
• AT: Johnny Moss o Corners.
• A8: Dead Man’s hand.
• A3: Baskin-Robbins.
• A2: Michael Jackson.
• KQ suited: Marriage o Royalty.
• KQ offsuit: Mixed Marriage o An Affair.
• KJ: Kojak.
• KJ offsuit: Bachelor’s Hand.
• K9: The Animal, Fido Canine, Dog o Doggie.
• K8: The NY Heart Attack.
• K3: Commander Crab, King Crab o Seafood hand.
• K2: Steep Climb o Dr. Shakeoff.
• QJ: Maverick o Oedipus.
• QT: Quint, Q-Tip o Varkony.
• Q7: Computer hand.
• Q5: Granny Mae.
• Q3: Gay Waiter, San Francisco Waiter o San Francisco Busboy (queen with a tray).
• Q3 suited: Posh Gay Waiter.
• JT: Cloutier.
• J7: Jack Daniel’s.
• J5: Motown o Jackson Five.
• J4: Flat tire (what’s a jack for?).
• T7: Negreanu.
• T5: Woolworth o Five and Dime.
• T4: Broderick Crawford, Convoy, Over and Out o Good Buddy.
• T2: Texas Dolly o Doyle Brunson.
• 98: Oldsmobile.
• 69 suited: Prom Night.
• 69 offsuited: Big Lick, Porno, Sukin on two carpets o Dinner for Two.
• 95: Dolly Parton.
• 94: Gold Rush o San Francisco.
• 93: Jack Benny.
 92: Montana Banana.
• 86: Hiroshima o The Daily Dangler.
• 76: Union Oil o Philadelphia.
• 75: Heinz o Ketchup.
• 74: Double Down.
• 72 offsuited: Hammer, Deadly Teddy Lee, Jamaican Air o Beer Hand.
• 72 suited: Prom Night Teddy Lee.
• 65: Retirement o Jägermeister.
• 63: Blocky.
• 54: Jessie James, Jane Russell, Colt 45 o Moneymaker.
• 52: James and the Giant Peach
• 39: Jack Benny.
 38: Raquel Welch.
• 32: Michael Jordan.
• 29: Twiggy.

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